This year’s beach cleanup events are going to look and be different, thanks to COVID-19. But the pandemic isn’t going to stop us! Every year, AMC members and their families join together for a beach cleanup event. The global pandemic means it’s not safe for us to get together as a group this year, but we still want you to join us for our own cleanup!

So on July 25, we’re asking everyone to make an effort to clean up the public recreation spaces around them. Here’s why beach cleanup events matter, how to plan your cleanup, and how to stay safe.

Why Beach Cleanup Events Matter

Keeping beaches and other public recreation spaces like parks trash-free benefits wildlife, the economy, and volunteers.

For volunteers, it’s satisfying to see proof that they made a difference at their local park or beach. “Even if it’s only ten pounds, that’s ten pounds that isn’t going to go into the open ocean,” says Kara Lavender Law, a research oceanography professor.

For wildlife, a clean beach can mean the difference between life and death. In fact, thousands of marine mammals, birds, and turtles die every year because they get entangled in plastic or ingest it. There are also economic benefits for local communities in the form of increased tourism.

So whether you’re heading to Del Vale or Mayfair parks, or going to our nearby beaches like Alamitos or Colorado Lagoon, you’re making a difference by picking up trash. Plus, picking up garbage can be a great calorie burner!

Planning Your Cleanup

Now that you’ve got July 25 blocked off to clean up your local beach or park, it’s time to gather the equipment you need. Remember to take water—in a reusable bottle, of course—and snacks to keep you going. You’ll also need the following:

  • Bags for yard waste
  • Gloves
  • Bags for trash
  • Buckets, brooms, and dustpans
  • First aid kit

Staying Safe

COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions will still be in place on July 25. So it’s vital that you and your small cleanup crew follow CDC guidelines to stay safe, like minimizing gestures like shaking hands and hugs. Also, wear a mask. California requires masks in situations where people can’t maintain a six-foot distance from people who aren’t members of the same household or residence.

Keeping our local parks and beaches clean benefits everyone, and it’s a memorable and enjoyable way to spend a summer day. So get your family together—or go out yourself—and join us is cleaning up our parks and beaches on July 25, or any day! Tag Park Del Amo Apts on Facebook or @ParkDelAmoApts on Twitter in your photos, and use the hashtags #livehappy and #AMCcleanup. Please show us the difference you’re making in your community!