Right now is the perfect time to take a hiking trip! The warm summer air and the sunny days are basically inviting you to enjoy the great outdoors. According to hiking enthusiasts on fridayhealthplans.com, Hiking boasts all of the classic health benefits you get from most cardio exercises. It improves blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, decreases cholesterol, and helps control your weight.” 

There are so many great reasons to go hiking, but WHERE can you even hike around here? Fortunately, Park Del Amo is surrounded by some incredible scenery and some even better local hiking trails. Here are some of our favorite hiking trails for beginners and experts alike.

Four Most Popular Day Hikes for Beginners

If you’re new to hiking or just prefer a low-intensity trail, consider exploring one of these trails. These adventures are kid-friendly and fairly easy to navigate.

1. Tustin Branch Trail

This three-mile trail is great for bird watching, enjoying wildflowers, and walking your dog. The trail is pet- and kid-friendly. 

2. Santa Ana River Trail-Santa Ana to Fountain Valley 

Perfect for a full day hike, this trail measures 8.2 miles and features a river. It’s perfect for a long jog or bike ride.

3. Chutes and Roadrunner Loop

With terrain mild enough for running, stroller-pushing, and biking, this three-mile trail is a great place to start your day. 

4. Windsor Park Loop

For a quick trip, take a walk down this 0.3-mile trail. It’s perfect for a mid-day dog walk or a quick exercise session during your lunch break at work.

Four Most Popular Advanced Hiking Trails 

If you are a more experienced hiker, you’ll likely want to challenge yourself on a more advanced trail. These ventures may require some extra planning, but they are well worth it.

1. Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon Trail is a 6.8-mile trail located near Silverado, California. Hiking to Black Star Canyon Falls is your reward for a job well done. Watch for poison oak, which is abundant on this trail. 

2. Santiago Oaks Regional Park: Robber’s Roost

As part of a park area offering over 16 different trails, this trail is the easiest out of the four trails. It measures 1.6 miles and hosts plenty of wildflowers. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3. Red Rock Canyon Trail

As one of the shorter trails—it measures 0.6 miles—the rock formations are well worth the climb. Keep in mind that no dogs are allowed on this trail. 

4. Sierra Peak

You will want to pack plenty of water and snacks for this 10.9-mile hike. Allow plenty of time to view the amazing wildflowers, and Fido (leashed) is welcome on this trail.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh summer air while it’s still here! Before visiting, check in with the trail’s visitor services for closures and other advisories. Make sure you pack plenty of water, sunscreen, snacks, and sturdy shoes. Happy hiking!